One moment you’re leading a stable, healthy organization.

You have a cohesive team, and a good relationship with your board. Your board and your team share a singular vision, and a strong business plan for growth.

The next moment you’re staring down the possibility of a huge business disruption.

  • A new competitor that changes the playing field
  • Unplanned and unforeseen executive turnover
  • An opportunity to expand your product or service line
  • Disagreements between your board and your leadership team on strategic direction
  • Imminent reputational issues
  • Regulatory issues or non-compliance
Bob Frazee, CEO

Being prepared means being open to new solutions.

Sometimes, you need outside guidance to help you react—adjust and implement—solutions to help the long-term success of your business.

That’s where we come in. We bring confidence and direction to businesses and non-profits who are facing an uncertain path.

J.R. Frazee Strategic Consulting offers:

Interim Executive Leadership
Strategic Business Planning
Opportunity Analysis
Risk Management Assessments
Crisis Management
Regulatory or Legal Liaison Roles
Individual and Group Coaching

A clear perspective, a history of successful leadership, and a collaborative approach make us the ideal partner to help get your organization back on track.

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From Our Partners

“Bob is that unique leader who can see the strategic big picture but also recognizes and respects the details needed to bring a strategy successfully to life. He understands the varying perspectives of a wide range of stakeholder audiences and how to engage with them to build advocacy. Bob knows when to ask the tough questions and how to navigate difficult challenges, and he does so with the grace and gravitas to bring everyone along, together, in the right direction.”

Leigh Picchetti
Director, Strategy & Enablement – Brand & Culture Communications

- Leigh Pichetti, Nutrien